Board Development

So many organizations spend so little time getting this one right.  It’s a shame because the foundation you lay with the creation of your board can speed you to success or it can be your greatest limiting factor.

Boards who truly understand their roles—and when and when not to wear each hat of governance, volunteer and implementer—are the boards who understand the foundation of success.  

Board members who are passionate about your cause, who commit to structured and focused training, and who evaluate themselves as directly as they do the chief executive, are successful boards.  And successful boards are the foundation of successful organizations. 

The right plan for your board is as important as any planning your organization will ever do. 

A board member job description and a board member recruiting plan, including an ideal board member profile, are cornerstones that will give strategic focus and understanding. 

The right board plan will also attract top candidates who want to be a significant part of a significant organization. 

Money.  Without it, a board has little credibility no matter how committed they are to volunteering and doing their very best to help.  But money alone is a bad reason to recruit board members if they don’t understand their full roles and responsibilities. 

Not every board member will be a major contributor or volunteer the most hours or lead you to additional contributors, but the blending of skills and giftedness, with the right plan and commitment, can make all the difference in the world.

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