Capital Campaigns

Preparation, assessment and research are the building blocks to success.  Time invested there propels you toward, or limits your success.  But, can your organization be nimble enough to respond to an opportunity that presents itself suddenly?  You should be and you can be!

Let WordSmith come alongside your organization for a thorough look at your mission and vision, whether it’s time to begin specific planning for that campaign or you are just farsighted enough to know that the time is coming . . . it’s just a matter of when, and you want to be ready.

The first few gifts, if not the first two gifts, will determine your financial goal.  Starting right, at the starting point, makes all the difference.  Your campaign leadership and your planned timeline are factors that some organizations overlook, much to their detriment.

The build up to your public announcement can generate your campaign momentum which translates to organizational momentum, or it can be a slow slog that drains personnel and financial resources.

WordSmith specializes in capital campaigns of $5-$10M where organizational resources are already stretched.  Make no mistake, you must invest resources for success, but WordSmith can help you maximize those resources within a small development staff.

The idea of the $1M gift is often tossed around by organizations that understandably dream about such a transformational gift, and many times as the cornerstone, or at least a significant gift in a capital campaign.  See the blog article for characteristics of organizations that attract the $1M gift. 

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