The James L. West Center

The James L. West Center is a not-for-profit organization which serves patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders and their families in a compassionate and spiritual environment.

The James L. West Center is located in Fort Worth, Texas and offers more than just “Memory Care” for their patients. They also offer specially tailored dementia care programs that are not gimmicky, but unique to the patients interests.

LivingStone University Partners

Livingstone University Partners (LUP) seeks to educate the growing population of young men and women of Uganda. Attempting to fill a need by advocating on the behalf of these individuals offering them resources that otherwise would not be available.

Livingstone University Partners is a diverse group of men and women all sold on the vision of offering a first-rate education to students who are academically qualified but unable to enroll in a university because of the lack of space in Uganda’s university system.



World Bible School

World Bible School (WBS) is a free, unaccredited long distance learning school that provides its students with a core set of lesson booklets and online lessons known as the Master Series.

WBS seeks to provide the larger population with a deeper understanding of the Bible and its blessings that it provides on the life of its reader through its seven part Master Series.

World Bible Translation Center

World Bible Translation Center (WBTC) has a very clear mission and goal. Their goal is to provide easy to read and understand translations of the Bible in every language and dialect.

Over the past 21 years, WBTC has trained and equipped over 2.5 million local Christians to share their message of hope and love. They have also participated in the planting of 58,000 churches in some of the poorest and most difficult nations.

Pregnancy Help 4 U

Located in Keller, Texas Pregnancy Help 4 U is dedicated to helping the person involved to make a decision that works for them. It is a free medical clinic offering free medical services and accurate information on everything pertaining to unplanned pregnancy, including abortion, adoption and parenting.

Pregnancy Help 4 U understands the fear and shame that can be associated with an unplanned pregnancy and through their many options and choices provides a safe and welcoming space for all involved.


INPROV is a direct response marketing and donor development company specializing in growth initiatives for Christian, media-driven organizations. Through different avenues such as; Ministry and Direct Response Copy Writing, New Name Development and Conversion, Lapsed Donor Conversion, Monthly Partner Program Creation and Management, INPROV seeks to accomplish a high level of media output for the churches and ministry minded individuals.

INPROV seeks to walk along side their clients in what can often be unfamiliar territory helping them to make wise decisions that creatively fit with their own mission and vision.

Fort Worth Christian School


Fort Worth Christian School’s (FWCS) motto is, “Shaping Lives That Change The World.” They do this by providing their students with tools to be come both servants and leaders for the future.

In the fall of 1958, Fort Worth Christian School opened its doors to 222 students grades 1 to 8 and has been in continuous operation for the past 53 years as a college preparatory school. FWCS is a highly regarded institution with state of the art facilities as well as classrooms.

Community Enrichment Center

Community Enrichment Center (CEC) is a facility located in North Richland Hills, Texas serving the community of Tarrant county. CEC is a faith based non-profit committed to offering resources, tools and encouragement to the people of Tarrant County.

CEC endeavors to walk along side families in crisis and help them down the path to recovery and reintegration into their community and society as a whole.

Abilene Christian University

Abilene Christian University is a Christian University in Abilene, Texas with undergraduate and graduate level courses available. Since it’s beginning in 1906 ACU has been a trusted and respected institution training and educating men and women for service and leadership throughout the world.

ACU continues to grow and change in the future with innovative and unique programs for the student of the 21st century.

St. Jude Research Hospital

For 60 years St. Jude has been known as the leading name in pediatric treatment and research for children with cancer as well as other deadly/fatal diseases. It was started by Comedian and Actor Danny Thomas in 1962, in homage to the Patron Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes.

St. Jude is a highly recognized and trusted place for care and it is free to the families of these children. Over the past five years, 81 cents of every dollar received has supported the research and treatment at St. Jude, which has allowed for the high quality in care that people have come to expect from St. Jude.

World Vision

World Vision is best known for their work with child sponsorship. In 1953 World Vision began their child sponsorship program with children in Korea. Since then World Vision has grown into the most trusted company in the world for child sponsoring.

Along with Child Sponsoring they are present in a myriad of different needs. They participate in disaster relief, poverty reduction and hunger alleviation and are often the first men and women on the ground in a catastrophe.