Direct Mail Fundraising

Direct mail fund raising is still the engine behind many successful development programs.   True, the math has changed and it’s more expensive, but it’s also possible to solicit larger gifts by mail if you handle the relationship appropriately. 

While social media is increasing in popularity, and you’ll be left way behind if you’re not using it, direct mail is still king for raising money at a grassroots level, especially among Boomers, who are contributing most of the money anyway.

Direct mail is effective, and no other method offers the level of personal touch next to a phone call or personal visit when done properly. 

The essence of direct mail fund raising is communicating as personally as possible to one person, according to their relationship with the organization, to receive a gift and cultivate that person for further giving.

It’s important to know that the donor who recently gave their first gift of $100 is far different from the person who gives $10 per month over the same year, and has done so for several years.  The dollar amounts are the same within the year, but that’s where the similarity ends.

Knowing how to respond to each, beginning with the thank you letter—something that most organizations spend far too little time on—sets the tone for the next step in the relationship or the lack thereof.

Targeted, genuine copy that reflects the relationship, that acknowledges the last gift and the timing of it, along with a sensitivity as to how often the donor should be asked are all part of the comprehensive art and science that will have money arriving in your mailbox. 


Monthly Giving Clubs

Monthly Giving Clubs are the natural offspring of a successful direct mail program with costs and renewal rates that will even make your CFO smile.  A targeted group with a branded strategy can be the beginning of a special thing. 

One such group grew from humble beginnings to $25,000+ in monthly income because of the commitment and persistence to see it through.

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