Enrollment Management

You certainly know that mission-appropriate families are a key building block for your school’s success.  

You probably know the financial lifetime value of a student that begins in your Pre-K or Kindergarten and graduates from your high school.  You should also know the cost of adding just one family that isn’t mission-appropriate or worse yet, toxic.  More than you know, as they say! 

Is your enrollment sluggish or just in need of a little fine tuning?  WordSmith can effectively audit your process and design a market-specific solution tailored just for you, including strategies to grow enrollment in specific grades because those gaps can stay with one class for a long time! 

Perhaps your enrollment is beginning to decline or has been for several years.  With the right commitment on your part, you can still reverse that trend. 

While private school enrollment is on the decline, there are still new families entering the private school market every year.  Those families will gravitate toward strong schools that show commitment to their needs, while also articulating the expectations on those families.

Enrollment has to be the mission of the entire school community beginning with the board, the administration and certainly the faculty and staff.  See the blog article to see if you are on the path to a healthy enrollment. 

There are practical ways to create your own checklist to make sure you are doing the right things to succeed in enrollment.  Read more here.

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