WordSmith Consulting Services

Capital Campaigns

From initial capacity assessment, to training gift officers and professional staff, to accompanying you on calls, WordSmith can be your guide to campaign success.  Learn more.



Enrollment Management

The life-blood of any school is effective recruiting and retention of students and their families. While tuition income is critical, so are families who truly share your values.  Learn more.


Major Gift Fund Raising

Coaching gift officers, staff leadership and board members on how to approach, what to say, what not to say and how to become effective listeners and presenters, can make all the       difference in your success.  Learn more.


 Direct Mail Fund Raising

While Social media is a critical component of any successful organization’s strategy, direct mail still works and works well. Research shows that direct mail, done correctly, is still a primary means of trusted communication among donors.  Learn more.


Foundation Strategy/Grant Writing

Working with your professional staff, WordSmith can develop a strategy, write the proposals and guide you every step of the way.  Learn more.


Board Development

Training can make a huge difference in your board’s success, but before that, recruiting the right people, the right way and defining roles will propel or limit your success.  Learn more.


Organizational/Development Strategic Assessment

Do you really know your supporters (how much they’ve given and when, what they’ve responded to), what your board thinks and if your staff is truly bought-in with everyone pulling the same direction? An effective assessment is the first step in creating an effective plan.  Learn more.