Foundation Strategy/Grant Writing

Foundations are a very important component of a successful development program.  After all, they are the only entities whose full-time job is to give away money!

It’s important to understand that foundations will typically buoy your efforts, but not be your engine.  But some of those buoys can be very substantial. 

Foundations need to be approached as people.  Yes, they have regulations that must be adhered to, but the decision maker is still a person or a group of people. 

Foundations come in all shapes and sizes, and have all areas of interest.  A key is finding one who shares your mission and goals, and who hasn’t already invested all they are going to invest in your particular type of mission.

There is a unique opportunity, too, in recognizing foundations.  By creatively highlighting their partnership with you in the community, you can create a long-term win-win relationship. 

Foundations are a source of financial strength to be relied on by non-profits who will invest the time and energy for a mutual partnership.  A successful relationship can lead to referrals to other foundations, and some foundations are eager to bring program expertise and partner at a deeper level in your mission. 

See the blog article for practical tips on successful relationships with foundations. 

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