Major Gift Fundraising

This one is your lifeblood in fund raising.  And specifically, major gifts from individuals are the quickest (which doesn’t mean quick exactly, just quicker than other ways) and most sustainable path to fund raising success.

Organizations have successfully grown with their donors and their donors have grown with them—in affinity, financial capacity and commitment to the long-term success of those organizations.

Do you know it’s a good idea to be investing in major gift fund raising, but you have a million other things to do and you just need someone to help you create a plan to move forward?

Maybe you’ve just gotten started in major gift fund raising, you see it’s potential, and while you know relationships are the key, you need some coaching in methodology, organization and best practices.

Maybe you have a full major gifts staff, but they’re lacking organization and real, fair and measurable accountability.

WordSmith can organize a program from the ground up or jump start the one you have, but you will need to have a commitment to the long haul to see results that will truly impact your mission.

Things aren’t business as usual in today’s marketplace and savvy organizations know it.  There are motivators in the new economy that you need to understand and conform to, for success.  See the blog article for more details. 

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