Organizational/Development Strategic Assesment

When you understand where you really are, it’s much easier to create a map to where you want to go. 

Wise organizations and wise chief executives know the value of an independent assessment even if it’s mainly to confirm what they already know.  Inevitably, there are data points, as well as information gleaned from interviews, that provide that aha perspective that is so valuable to know before embarking on any strategic initiative. 

Detailed year-by-year data analysis of your development program, geared to your specific constituency, can show you what was successful, what wasn’t and everything in between.  More importantly, it can show you who your most valued supporters really are and where the gaps are, which becomes the basis of your planning for the future. 

An organizational assessment can help make the healthy organization even better and help the struggling organization quantify and qualify its challenges.  With the proper assessment, your organization can begin its trek to better accomplishing your mission and the people you serve. 

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